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The below is a meaningless rant on pants, the reading of which would be a waste for 5 9's of humanity (that's 99.999% if you didn't know).  If you design pants for a living please read it =) 

I can never seem to find good pants these days. The don't fit right, or don't stay fitting right, and the quality is just horrible. Most modern pants fail the same way for me: the button breaks or the butt rips just down and towards the center from the top corner of one or both back pockets. Would it be that much harder to put some thicker material there?

The closest thing I've found lately were a pair of lucky jeans.  And the button ripped off those after 6 months or so. 

I don't care if the pants are pre-washed or "look" worn.  I want pants that will last.  Any jeans I buy these days, it seems that I have to get them uncomfortably tight, so that when they loosen and stretch with age, they will fit.  Half my jeans I can't wear without a belt because they fall down, and I haven't lost any weight lately, probably the opposite!

I want pants with extra padding in the knee, on the butt, and where the button attaches at the top of the fly.  And I want that button to attach like life depended on it.  I want pants that wont rip where the back pocket is sewed on.  I hate the damn grommets in the back as well.  They are constantly snagging on things and making the rip problem worse anyway.

I like long pant legs that cover the tops of my shoes.  But then of course when I'm not wearing shoes, I frequently step on the back, wearing them down and eventually ripping away material so that the back of the leg is about 2 inches shorter than the front.  It would be nice to find pants that come like that to begin with. 

OK I'll stop now...  =)



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