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Solo Guitar songs

A few original songs.  No fancy mic's or effects sorry =)  

I'm Going Home - A deathbed song.  You might say I'm channeling my wife on this one (I'm not a religious person but she is).  

Out Of Time - Inspired by the life of a poor character in an ever present dungeon crawler game with a countdown.  We spend all of our time imagining ourselves inside the game.  They'd probably just want to get out!

Refined - A song about someone who can't escape a past love.  About how memories boil down to powerful moments.

Advanced Open Water!

After some delay due to illness, and then a few scheduling mishaps, I finally made it into the PADI Advanced Open Water course.  Started in March, which often competes with February for the coldest diving month in San Diego.  For the AOW course, there is some flexibility.  You need to complete 5 adventure dives.  Two of them are required: Underwater Navigation, and Deeper Diving.  

After that you can choose 3 others.  At the orientation, the instructor Patrick suggested the best other 3 for us to do but gave some leeway in case we wanted to do something different.  Thankfully everyone was fairly laid back and agreed to go with the offered suggestion:  Underwater Naturalist, Wreck Diving, and Night Diving.  



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