Scuba Diving

I finally took up Scuba diving in September and got PADI certified Open Water.  Like many things in life I never took the time but its always been something I wanted to do.  After a few crazy months at work, it seemed like a good time.  

San Diego is an excellent place for someone to take up diving.  Many of the most prolific organizations are represented through the local dive shops.  The main ones I took under consideration are PADI - the most popular and recognized world-wide, NAUI - the second most recognized organization, and GUE - the Global Underwater Explorers.  Of the three, GUE provides the most training, and actually makes the most practical sense, but only after the fact.  Like many experiences in life, its hard to know what you need until you really get into it.  Having said that, I've started with PADI and I'll continue with it probably through the Rescue Diver Certification.  

In general, taking up diving requires a decent amount of investment.  Typically you need your own mask, snorkel, and fins at the very least.  If you live in a cold water area (including San Diego) you will need your own gloves, hood and boots as well.  Craigslist is your friend.  And sales.  Unless you're short on time, you can save at least 25% on buying new by waiting for a sale.  That includes the certification course itself.  

If you are a decent swimmer and in good shape, you are probably ready to go.  You need to keep in mind, you'll have a minimum of 45 extra pounds of weight on your back.  In my case, with my final kit it's over 65.  Its a tough walk out of the water, when your wet suit is loaded with water and you're tired after a great dive.  You need to be in shape!  




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